Magnetic (Un)attraction

The “magical” magnetic palette

Here at Brooklyn Dolls, J & I are all about easy-to-manage makeup routines, quick fixes, and simple day-to-night transitions. We embrace anything that can help us save time putting our faces on, and make it easy to carry the necessary touch-up tools around. In the morning, I barely have time to brush my hair, let alone search through my makeup case for my eyeliner, blush, mascara, which is pretty much all I need for work. I save the fancier stuff for outside the office. Having all my fave items in one spot would make my life a tad easier. (So would having the luxury of watching TLC and Bravo all day long, but that’s another story.) I’ve tried the all-in-one palettes with the lip glosses, blush, eyeshadows, and ehh, not a big fan. There are usually two good shadow colors and the rest only appropriate for proms, weddings or Halloween.
Needless to say, I was intrigued when my coworker handed me an article from this month’s Real Simple. It was the “Solutions” section featuring, as they put it, “ideas, insight, inspiration.” An idea this may be, insight, well, I beg to differ. I’m referring to UNII Cosmetics’ customizable makeup palette. At first when I saw it, I thought the brand was selling customizable palettes, where you select your own colors and order refills when needed. After searching the UNII website for more info (kudos to Real Simple), I realized all the brand is selling is an empty magnetic compact – for $30 a pop. It’s not even cool like the magic wallet. You basically order products from any brand that sells metal refills and fit within the UNII Palette. So, not only do you buy the $30 magnet, you have to buy the refills separately. Not to mention, a lot of brands just don’t sell refills. And the only brands that sell refills tend to be the pricier Sephora types or MAC, not the Cover Girls or Maybellines of the world. You can try UNII’s technique called de-potting, which aims at removing individual makeup pieces from their original cases, making it UNII Palette-friendly.

In summary, no, you are not saving money with the palette. And, you are not saving time if you have to de-pot. You are saving space in your purse, I guess. I still think there must be an easier (and hassle-free) way that combines the ability to save space and time, and customize your makeup case.
I have some Disney magnets on my fridge, maybe we can turn them into one of these things.

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