Clean Sweeps

All this can be yours… for less than a fiver.

As readers may remember, I had a bad run-in with Tresemme shampoo awhile back, resulting in not only an unpleasant eye burn, but also a resolve to never trust the company again. I mean, they basically sold me a torture device. Well, so much for that, as clearly I had to try their new Fresh Start Dry Shampoo when I saw it on the shelves of my local CVS a couple months ago. I like dry shampoo, though not as a substitute for washing, as my thick-yet-still-greasy hair (suprising combo, right? What luck I have!) pretty much requires washing each night. And yes, I know daily washing is supposedly bad for your hair, but going to work looking like I dipped my hair in oil isn’t an attractive option either. Anyway, I typically use dry shampoo as a styling product, to make my hair thicker and more easily manipulated into updo’s, especially when it’s clean and won’t listen to me. A couple years ago, I had picked up Rene Furterer’s Naturia Dry Shampoo, which is $24 and while I liked it, the price is a bit steep and I ran out of it pretty quickly (though now that I’m reading the reviews on Sephora, I see that it could have just been that the can was clogged). Tresemme, on the other hand, is a mere $4. So you see why I had to try it.

Long story short, I like it. It smells really great, sort of floral, but not overwhelmingly so, and while it doesn’t magically make my greasy hair look perfectly clean, it definitely adds volume and it helps make the updo pouf/ponytail (trust me, it looks better than it sounds) I love so much stay in place. Yes, hairspray helps, but you need to think of dry shampoo as more like the foundation for the ‘do and hairspray as the finisher or sealant, if you will. It’s a fine science, but one you can and should try at home. So I’d recommend this product to anyone looking for a dry shampoo at a wallet-friendly price. I’m not endorsing it as the best out there, but I do think it’s a great value. What other dry shampoo is less than $5? Ok, then.

And of course, let us know your favorite dry shampoo in the comments.

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