Oldies but Goodies

Look familiar? Maybe not a great idea.

Welcome home to me! As some of you may know, I spent the past week in West Palm Beach. Jealous? Keep reading and you might just be. It wasn’t the typical vacation for a twenty-something year old lady (who, me?). Rather, it was a bit more on the mature side. Let’s just say, I lived out my Golden Girls fantasy for a week. No, I did not rent a house with my witty recently-widowed friends. I’m saving that for 60 years down the road. But rather, I got the hook-up when my parents (I must say, only in their 50s) purchased a vacation condo in a retirement community in Florida. After finally admitting I needed a retreat from NY reality a few weeks back, I decided to visit this older, wiser, and perhaps more charming, community for a week (alongside my family).

As J And I tend to do during our travels, we spend much time looking for native beauty trends to report back to our lucky readers. And here you have it. The most prominent beauty trend I noticed, while visiting the retirement set, is bronzed skin. I’ll leave out the part about the saggy skin caused by way too much sun. But you get the picture, I’m sure. Some women chose to burn (I mean, tan) in style – two-piece bikinis (yup), gold chains, big sunglasses. Don’t get me wrong, kudos to the 70 year old+ crowd (men and women alike) who lay by the pool day after day with incredible amounts of self-confidence trying to achieve the perfect shade of brown. I’ve learned at a certain age shame becomes an inconceivable notion and, more importantly, if your neighbor asks you to change her cat’s litter box while she’s away, you can simply say I have a bad back and can’t bend. And there, that’s an acceptable excuse. Unfortunately, when J & I speak of our back troubles, it falls upon deaf ears, except for each other’s.

Taking the cue from the bronzed female residents, aka my competition for a week, my primary goal was to return to NYC with a tan. Maybe to impress people? Well, fast-forward 8 days and that didn’t really happen. Rather, I’m sitting here with a pinkish-red face in need of burn relief. (No thanks to my Neutrogena sunblock, but that’s for another post.) I went to my go-to sunburn relief products, and will share with you just in time for tanning season. Firstly, stay away from soap when you have a facial burn. Especially medicated soaps. Your skin will immediately burn (even more) and dry out. The best, and in my opinion, the only cleanser for a burn is Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream Original Formula. The Noxzema name, as well as many of the community residents, has been around since 1914. At the first sign of redness, wash with Noxzema and it will instantly soften your skin and slow down (if not stop) the flaking. The soothing feeling comes from the eucalyptus in the Noxzema formula. (Exciting news: Noxzema is launching new facial cleansing products. The first to be blemish-control. Thank you!!!)

The next step in the stop-the-burn process is aloe. Go straight for Banana Boat Moisturizing Aloe After Sun Lotion. The product contains both aloe vera and vitamin E. Two key ingredients in moisturizing and repairing the skin. It doesn’t leave your face/body as greasy and sticky as regular aloe vera. And finally, dab some Vaseline (as I’ve mentioned before here) under your eyes to stop the crow’s feet in its tracks and relieve the upper cheek area, which tends to burn most.

For those wanting to achieve the bronzed look without having to worry about the previously mentioned steps, look for bronzer powders. Lorac makes a great blush/bronzer duo called Hot/Spicy, which is a coral blush and bronzer respectively. This is the more densely pigmented version of Nars’ blush/bronzer duo, Orgasm/Laguna. The blush/bronzer duos tend to blend well together. As far as self-tanners, the Kardashian sisters released a new lotion, and so did Lindsay Lohan. I can’t speak for either of these products. But if anyone has tried, let BD know what you think!

So in the end, there isn’t too much difference between a beauty-conscious woman in her 20’s and one in her 80’s. Both women go to great lengths to look good, especially among their peers. One difference worth noting, is the women I met in the retirement community are on permanent vacation. They will be at the pool all next week working on their tan, as I (and probably, you) will not. Sigh.


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