Stick Em Up

So the NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil that I ordered from Urban Outfitter’s newish beauty section finally came (it was backordered for like a month) and I was eager to test it out. I hadn’t used a lip crayon-type applicator in what seemed like forever and I must say I’d forgotten how fun they were: the whole line-your-lips-and-then-fill-in process is satisfying, especially when the product, like this chubby stick, is so easy to apply. It glides on SUPER smooth, sort of like a balm, and comes out sheer at first, so you have to layer it on thick to really get a bold color going. I ordered a color which Urban Outfitters called “violet,” but was happy to see on the stick that NYX actually had taken some creative liberty and really labeled it Hera. Which makes sense because according to the description of the company on, NYX is named after “the Greek goddess of the night.” I like it, Greek goddess names for lipsticks. Cool. But apparently Urban Outfitters thought differently. Maybe they thought they were describing the color better, but we can see pretty easily from the HUGE PICTURE of the lip pencil what it looks like. But I digress. Violet it is. Anyway, the only downside here is that the color doesn’t last long, but I’m loving it as a sheer and moisturizing wash in the summer, and layered on for a more bold, fuschia/purpley-tinged hue in the fall. Oh, and I didn’t mention that it’s only $4! Drugstore cheap! Go get one before they’re backordered again.

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