The Goods

But where do the Brooklyn Dolls find such great products, you ask?

You may think hugely famous beauty bloggers like ourselves get free products thrown at us constantly: boxes of lipstick waiting outside our doors, nail polishes filling our mailboxes. But you’d be wrong (shocking, we know). Instead, C and I actually spend many an hour in Sephora, in CVS, on online beauty shops, perusing the goods, testing colors on our hands, looking for our next product to conquer and review for you (you’re welcome). So anyway, these are some of our favorite places to find said goods.

Sephora– This one sort of goes without saying. Any person who has ever loved makeup has loved Sephora. I could (and have) spent hours in here, just playing with colors and spritzing myself with fragrances until I’m nauseous. Good times. A bit harsh in terms of lighting and can definitely be a bit messy and unpleasantly crowded- I’m looking at you, Soho location- but that’s where the website comes in. Sure, you can’t test things out, but if there’s something you know you need, BAM, add it to your cart, throw in free samples, and it’s done. When it comes down to it, Sephora is really a genius concept and has everything you need slash don’t need but still very much want. Sigh.

Space NK– As per my previous post on the store, yes, it’s everything Sephora is not. Meaning, it’s lovely and quiet and calm and has some brands our other beauty giant of a friend does not, like C’s much-beloved Lipstick Queen and the full Dyptique line (hello, my Feu De Bois candle). Also gives free samples in-store, which I appreciate, and has a very friendly, but not obnoxious, sales team.

CVS, Walgreens, Duane Reade- Another one that goes without saying. Aisles of Maybelline, Cover Girl, Revlon, Rimmel… and all of it so, so affordable. It’s impossible to hit the beauty aisle of a drug store and emerge empty-handed. But that’s fine. Because if you want to try out a coral lipstick you might hate, it’s only a few bucks. Or, it might be your new favorite. And a special shout-out to the Duane Reade on 51st between 5th and 6th Aves, which is one of the lucky locations to get the makeover treatment. It now features a hugely awesome, brightly lit beauty section featuring not-s0-drugstore names like Becca Cosmetics, Demeter fragrances, and Vichy skincare. C and I almost missed a party one night after walking in. Believe it.

Brighton Beauty Supply– A local favorite that, to my delight, moved to a much bigger location on Sheepshead Bay Road from its original Brighton Beach Ave location not too long ago. Hard-to-find (as well as standby favorite) haircare brands like Wella, Rusk, and Bain de Terre and tools (straighteners! curlers!) flood the long aisles and, in the back, it’s nail polish heaven. Essie, OPI, and Duri colors line the walls and the women at the counter, who can be intimidating, are actually quite pleasant and willing to help you pick makeup colors from the small, but well edited, brands up front. Ooh and they carry Duri lipsticks, which I had never seen before, and we all know how much I love my Duri nail polishes. Go figure. The website is also a great resource, and easy to navigate.

Salon Experience– A great online spot for those hard-to-find salon brands, like L’Oreal Professional Colorist Collection, Pureology, and Nioxin. But here’s the best part: it’s all at a discount and there’s even a clearance section where you can score products at half price. Also check out their OPI nail polish section. Yes, also at a discount. You’re welcome.

Urban Outfitters– Normally my go-to for oversized bags and basic tees, this newcomer to the beauty game has colored me impressed (yes, pun intended). The new beauty section of offers a gorgeous array of colors and more obscure brands like Anna Sui, Juliette Has a Gun (love their “Charmed” scent), Pop, and NYX. In fact, I just ordered a NYX lip crayon, so watch out for my review. Welcome to the makeup game, Urban.

And let us know your favorites in the comments, please.


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