Lashing Out

Just what L’Oreal prescribed: longer lashes

What if I told you there’s a product out there that grants you thicker, longer lashes, but it might also change the pigmentation of your eyes. Could you get on board with that? That is basically the question the manufacturers of Latisse are posing. For those of you who may not be familiar with this product, Latisse promises to grow and thicken your eyelashes. It was originally used to treat glaucoma (under the more scientific name Bimatoprost), but it was discovered that not only did it treat the disease, it inadvertently made patients eyelashes prettier. So there you have it. A beauty product is born. And similar to the side effects of the glaucoma medication, there’s a risk that your eye color might change when using Latisse. If you have brown eyes, they might turn blue. Or, only one eye might change color. Not like the pretty dual eye color of Kate Bosworth. But rather that glassy-eyed look of lets say, a pirate, or my eighth grade math teacher who will remain nameless. This risk seemed too much for me. I really didn’t feel compelled to update my beauty regimen to include a product once used for the treatment of glaucoma. I don’t care how much Brooke Shields claims to love it.

Around the same time, I noticed L’Oreal introduced a Concentrated Lash Boosting Serum that also guaranteed healthier lashes, without the eye-changing side effects. L’Oreal never steered me wrong before. Let’s give it a whirl. Plus, the bottle looks like an eye dropper which made me feel like it would work, but without the more dangerous risks. Because let’s face it, it’s L’Oreal, it can’t be THAT powerful.

Well, it’s been four weeks since I started using. I can honestly say my lashes look thicker. Not dramatically better. No one has mistaken me for wearing fake lashes (yet). But my lashes don’t fall out nearly as much as they once did, and when I apply my Maybelline Great Lash, they look even longer. Using this product is not a huge time commitment. I apply the serum every night before I go to bed. That along with a bevy of other products- ranging from acne-prevention to anti-wrinkle. Yes, I have no secrets. It’s true. That’s me at night.

In the end, I applaud those who have tried Latisse and loved it and kept their natural eye color (and sight). For those who would rather have subtle lash growth than even risk losing their color, give Lash Boosting Serum a shot. It’s worth it.


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