The O.K. Coral

Coral Crush, in all its glory

As any woman can attest, it’s tough to find that perfect lip color- be it the perfect red, the perfect pink, or, in this case, the perfect coral. C and I have waxed a lot about reds and pinks, respectively, on this blog, but the right coral is more elusive. And to continue the (weirdly) recent pattern of positive reviews on BD, I have to say I’ve found a great coral. Now, corals don’t normally look good on my pinky-pale skin tone. They make me look like I have some sort of sickly glow, especially when they venture anywhere near bright-territory. But here was a color touted as flattering by many blogs like these, so I finally went ahead and bought my own tube of Maybelline ColorSensational Lipcolor in Coral Crush. I already was a fan of the line’s silky texture and lasting power, as I already owned Pink Wink, and had bought C the very appropriately-named Very Cherry (see C’s mention of it here), so taking the $8 plunge once again didn’t seem too daunting. And, I figured, if it didn’t look good on me, I could always pass it along to my mom, who has more yellow-based skin and looks great in anything orangey-pink.

And, well, unlike most colors, it actually looked good on both of us. It looked pinker on her, almost rosey, and a bit more neon and true coral on me. The color definitely started to fade after a couple of hours, but I was left with a pleasantly coral stain which I almost liked better than the more pigmented color I got after first applying. I’m a fan of this line in general, so hats off to Maybelline, but I have to say that if you’re going to take on the coral trend this season- and especially if you don’t want to drop a lot of dough on it-Coral Crush is for you. Done. You’re welcome.


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