Queen of the Makeup Case

Firstly, I want to thank J for introducing me to the queen of all lipsticks, appropriately named, Lipstick Queen. And as my fellow Brooklyn Doll proclaimed in a recent post, Soho’s Space NK is where you would find such a product. I have not yet gone to this treasure chest of sorts, but of course it’s on my things to do this summer, along with a daytrip to Atlantic City and a Tuesday afternoon outing to Kings Plaza. J so generously gave me said product as part of my birthday present last week. I’ll admit, I really didn’t think anything could top the photo mug of us alongside Mickey in Disney World. But this little black lipstick tube is putting up a good fight.

Understanding my love for matte lipcolor, J went straight for Lipstick Queen’s line called Sinner. (Apparently BD loves to endorse products named Sinner.) The densely-pigmented shades range from coral to deep wine. And there aren’t a million of all-the-same colors that have cutesy names; Cherry Blossom Red, Ravishing Red, and so on and so on. The red that was chosen for me is called Red Sinner. The coral in the collection is called Coral Sinner. The rose is called Rose Sinner. The wine is called, ok I think you got it. Very easy. You want a red, you choose the red. And this particular shade of red is very flattering, whether you want a contrast for your fair skin, or if you’re like me and want to dramatize dark eyes. Don’t expect the color to be too bright, it’s more on the muted side. As much as I love the actual shade, which again is great, the texture is what makes this a must-have. It’s very matte which helps keep the color on your lips, rather than your glass. But not too matte that it makes your lips look dry. Blotting really isn’t necessary. I wore it for about three hours the other night before I noticed any smudging. And believe me, I checked. (Editor’s note: if matte lipsticks aren’t your preference, check out the brand’s Saint line which is Sinner’s lighter, more sheer counterpart.)

So let’s just say Lipstick Queen made it to my work makeup case. The “just in case you need to look nice at work (for whatever reason) and need a quick touch-up” product. It hasn’t happened yet. I haven’t been on a conference call and said “Man, I wish my makeup looked better for this.” But if Ami James decides to walk through my office, I’m ready. I have my Hello Flawless in-hand and now my Lipstick Queen. Enough said.

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