Plump up the Volume?

The gloss, trying to look innocent. (image via Sephora)
Oh, the elusive sexy pink pout: somewhat more innocent than the bold red lip, but perhaps therein lies its even greater appeal. Naïvely boudoir-esque and never better than paired with a smokey eye, the almost-natural but slightly better-than-that pink lip is Brigitte Bardot in all her kitteny glory. Now, I’m not likening myself to Brigitte anything, but I’d like her pout, please, and without the collagen injections, if possible (I’ll save those dollars for Botox if anything, thanks). And Smashbox’s O-Plump Intuitive Lip Plumper promised me just that. The sexual-leaning name alone pretty much guarantees lush, amped up, pillowy lips, with “personal chemistry to turn lips your own custom shade of pink” and Goji Berry-C Complex to plump it up. My own lips but bigger and pinker? Why not.

But, alas, the gloss fell a bit short. Yes, my lips tingled. Yes, they turned a “custom” shade of pink, and sure, the sheer rose shade matched my skin tone. And maybe they plumped a bit? It wasn’t dramatic or all that noticeable, either way. And for $24, I’m not sure this Smashbox gloss is worth it, though I will say that it does glide on quite smooth and remain non-sticky. For the same effect- but a more noticeable one (meaning a puffy pucker and a unique, natural pink tone)- I’d recommend mark’s Glossblossom Ripening Lip Tint coupled with the classic DuWop Lip Venom- which, if I remember correctly, stings like crazy (which is why I haven’t worn in years) but actually works. But maybe the more it stings, the more it’s working? Beauty just hurts sometimes, doesn’t it (see: tweezing, plucking, etc).


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