I Don’t Want No Scrubs (Except this One)

Usually being home sick means midday episodes of Tyra (we’ll miss you Tyra), medicated naps, soup and pajamas. Aside from the actual sick part, it’s typically an enjoyable day. And two weeks ago when I fell victim to my sinuses, I had one of those days. So as I dropped off my prescription at my local Rite Aid Pharmacy, I decided to pick up some reading material (aka Allure) and peruse the skincare aisle. Since the weather turned warm (ughh), I’ve been looking for a skincare product that would prep me for the summer. I hate wearing heavy foundation when it’s hot out. Usually by the time I walk to the train in the morning my face is dripping off. It’s not worth the effort. The answer to this dilemma is having (almost) flawless skin – not in desperate need of a mask.

So as I stood there in Rite Aid, I immediately went to my go-to-brands for help. Neutrogena, Olay, L’Oreal – all the greats. There, staring at me, was L’Oreal Go 360 Clean Exfoliating Scrub. You know the commercial. Freida Pinto pops a scrub brush (the scrublet) out of the center of the bottle and claims this product is the reason why her face looks fabulous. Ok. But despite my skepticism I figured it’s worth a shot. And it’s a sick day. I deserve a treat.

Well, I’m happy to report the exfoliating scrub actually pays off on its promises. It didn’t make my skin red like most scrubs do. The scrublet is rubber, so it doesn’t irritate your skin. It’s a lot less harsh than a washcloth. My skin felt amazing after – as if my impurities were suctioned right out. The Go 360 Clean line also makes a facial cleanser (as it should). If you decide to try the scrub, just keep in mind you don’t need to exfoliate every day because it will dry your skin out. Twice a week is more than enough to reap the benefits. And what do you know – two weeks later and I was able to switch from liquid foundation to light powder and a touch of concealer. Not bad at all. Go get.


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