Waterproof Me

Partners in crime

I’m off to Palm Beach for a wedding in exactly one week and the ceremony is outdoors. As in, outside, in June, in south Florida (and another outdoor ceremony in July in NJ- that one’s at night, though, so we will also have to take bug spray into the equation). Aside from the obvious sweat factor for both events, I’m especially worried about Florida because its mid-day (hello, noon sun) and I’m a bridesmaid, which means pictures! So, naturally, I’m also worried about makeup- I don’t want to be standing next to the gorgeous bride, who always does her makeup flawlessly, looking like a clown. I’m planning on shellacking my face with my L’oreal primer (more on that soon) and sticking to my long-lasting Nars Multiple stick for cheeks and as a lip base, but I had to run out and pick up some waterproof mascara and liner. I usually am not a huge fan of waterproof mascara, as its tricky to remove and sometimes flakes off, and I also LIKE when my liner is smudgey. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

I hit up CVS yesterday as I didn’t want to really invest in products that I won’t be using that often (let’s hope), and saw that Maybelline is 40 percent off. Done (sale ends tomorrow so go NOW). I picked up Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara and Unstoppable Smudge-Proof Waterproof Eyeliner. I haven’t tried the mascara yet but I am trying the liner out today and can so far report that it definitely wasn’t smooth or easy to glide on, but I am hoping that’s a good thing when it comes to being sweat-and heat-proof. Anyway I’m crossing my fingers. Stay tuned for a full report on what worked and what failed miserably after next weekend.


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