Dip Your (Silver) Spoon: The Cold Plasma Review

It talked a good game, but did it work?

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Giveaway winner Leannevs received her jar (albeit after waiting a few weeks longer than expected- we’re looking at you, Perricone) and we’re excited to announce that the results are in, as we have just received her review. Was it worth the wait? She explains below:
Before opening Perricone MD’s Cold Plasma, I never used a facial product that came packaged with a tiny spoon for application. Sorry, but the only applicator I typically use is my finger. But now I’m starting to think that may not be proper facial care etiquette. Then again, I buy all my products at CVS, where spoons and facial products are not in the same aisle, let alone the same package. However, one can argue that Cold Plasma is not an ordinary facial product. At $150 for one ounce of it, it better not be. This little jar makes mighty big promises. Dr. Perricone maintains that Cold Plasma gives skin “firmness, smoothness, clarity and radiance.” And if that was not enough, Cold Plasma also guarantees to reduce lines and wrinkles, making it suitable for all ages and skin types (who can afford it of course).

So the verdict is in. For the past two weeks, I applied Cold Plasma twice a day after washing my face prior to applying moisturizer. Luckily, less than a dime-sized amount is needed. Cold Plasma feels extremely light without leaving a trace of oiliness. My skin definitely feels much smoother and my pores less visible since starting this beauty regime. Be bold and apply it on your neck as well. Plus, no breakouts and any product that does not cause breakouts is an automatic keeper in my medicine cabinet. Not sure if it actually reduces lines and wrinkles, but I’ll get back to you in five (hopefully ten) years.

Thank you to Brooklyn Dolls for giving me the chance to try Cold Plasma. I love this product but not the price. But no one ever said beauty was cheap.

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