I Tip My Hat to Topshop

Here’s what you used. Now fork over $100.
I hadn’t really been blown away by any of those online makeover sites. On RealBeauty.com, which is supposed to be the holy grail of virtual makeovers, every photo I uploaded made my face just kind of look like it was floating in an odd-shaped head once I tried to change the makeup and hair. But what do we have here? Topshop, a store that I used to worship back in the day when you had to travel to London to buy their clothes, and a store I came to despise once it opened in NYC and just became another overpriced-for-the-quality spot, now has a makeup line. And with it, a virtual makeover tool. And a surprisingly accurate one at that. I tried the Topshop Virtual Makeover, which makes you, using tiny dots, pinpoint the exact dimensions of your eyes, lips, and face. The results are fantastically accurate. You can apply all of their shades, from skin tints to lipsticks to blushes, all in a number of ways. For example, I tested out shadow applied in a smokey halo, and then fanning out for more of a winged effect. Same goes for blush- you can add just a touch to your apples, or an entire cheekful. And there’s also complete looks that you can apply to your face and have Topshop do the dirty work for you. One hot pink lip look, entitled Rosa Lips, was my favorite. The best part, though, may be that you can do a “before and after” to see the transformation. And of course, the products you’re using are listed below AND can be bought with the click of a button. $16 might be a lot for lipstick, but I have to say this makeover tool is making me a bit of a convert. Kudos to you, Topshop. Color me (pun intended) impressed.

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