No, You are NOT the Princess

Look closely- she’s wearing a tiara.
As J mentioned in the previous post, we are back from Disney World. Yup, it happened. Our trip ended, the hotel locked us out, our plane came, we left the sunshine state. We’d be lying if we said we were excited to leave the land of a million dreams, and lying once again if we said we didn’t contemplate applying for a job in Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Bakery. Making cinnamon rolls bigger than my head? Done, I’ll take it. But some unexplainable force brought us back to reality. You know the subway, work, computers, other people (tears at this point). So here we are. And we are excited to report to you, our fine readers, beauty trends (well, trend) spotted in Disney. Cut us some slack. It is Disney World- the land of tie dye tee-shirts and male capris.

Year after year J & I go to Disney and come to the same conclusion. Little girls want to be princesses. And there’s no better or socially acceptable place to try to bring these dreams to fruition than Disney World. Or, if anyone has ever seen the TV show Toddlers & Tiaras, beauty pageants also seem like a suitable choice. And the common thread you might ask between Disney World and Toddlers & Tiaras? Princess moms pushing their daughters to dress like their favorite princess character and to pretend to have some talent no other child has. So J & I were not shocked when we were on the monorail from Magic Kingdom to The Grand Floridian (2011 hotel spot, just saying) and saw a mom herself wearing the symbol of self-proclaimed royalty, the tiara. Yes, all women want to have that feeling of specialness. We get it. Usually after age 16 we look to achieve that with the engagement ring and the wedding – not a tiara in Disney. But this woman sat on the monorail next to her daughter (also in a tiara, as well as glitter hair pieces, bright makeup and a Cinderella gown) as if this was normal adult attire. If Disney Couture sold Cinderella dresses in mom sizes, I’m sure we’d have two decked-out princesses on that train. But luckily, they do not.

So there you have it. The number one beauty trend in Disney World (among children and adults alike) is the princess look. Lots of hair extensions, glitter, bright makeup and costumes. So if you’re over the age of 6 don’t fear, because it seems like adults can get away (barely) with this look in Disney. Though, we at Brooklyn Dolls do not recommend it. Save it for Halloween everywhere else.

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