Color Me Less Than Impressed, Payless.

Not the first place you’d run when you need lipstick.
Certain brands, when they venture into the beauty realm, it makes sense. Forever 21, for example. Or Topshop. I get the clothes-to-beauty transition, it’s sort of like another step in the overall look. Ok. But when I heard (via Stylelist) that Payless was launching a makeup line, I was taken aback. Yes, you read me correctly. Payless. The place you go for cheap flats (maybe) and sometimes, SOMETIMES, can find a nice pair of shoes. As Stylelist explains: “The collection features wearable, flattering shades for eyes and lips, pops of pretty nail polish colors, and a bevy of sweet-smelling body lotions, shower gels, and fragrance mists — all retailing between $2.99 and $19.99.” So the prices are good. And you know what? Maybe the makeup, sold as brands Zoe & Zac (which is paraben-free) and Unforgettable Moments, will be ok. And in the name of blogging, sure, I’ll test them. But in reality, a shoe store has no business dipping a toe in the nail polish and fragrance pool. Last time I checked, my local Payless smelled like pleather and shoe shine. Next thing you know, Toyota will be selling perfume and GNC will be making lipstick. It has to stop somewhere. I’m looking at you, shoe stores.


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