Space Cadet

Ladies and gents (if there are any reading this), the anti-Sephora
I wandered into Soho’s Space NK the other day for the first time, which is surprising being that the British import has been open since 2007 and I work a few blocks away. Go figure. I guess I always assumed it was just a like a snobbier Sephora, kind of like a department store, with less options. But the truth is, I found, that Space NK is really just a more carefully edited version of the beauty giant, like the cooler sister who just came back from living in Europe for a year. Actually, people like that are usually really annoying, so I take that analogy back, but you get the idea. The lights are less harsh, the sales people more friendly, and the displays less messy. By less messy, I mean the pots of gloss don’t have obvious dirt stuck in them and the eyeshadows aren’t smudged everywhere. And of course there’s the harder-to-find brands, like the full Diptyque line (including room sprays and perfumes), Jemma Kidd, Bumble and Bumble, Rococo nail polish, plus the store’s own line of sprays and lotions that I almost bought in its entirety.

But how was my actual shopping experience, you ask? Quite lovely. The salesgirl was calm and knowledgeable without being pushy (I’m looking at you, department store salespeople) and I left completely unfrazzled and with a purchase in tow, one which I can’t divulge the details of right now, as it may or may not be part of C’s bday present. Even better, when I got home and peeked in the bag, I realized there were two large samples thrown in — one being a cellulite cream, so I’m hoping that wasn’t a hint. Anyway, I know Sephora’s website sends samples with each order, but they really need to step up their game when it comes to in-store service. Sephora, I love you, but you could learn a thing or two here.


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