Ode to My Feet

A feet pleaser.
At the first signs of warm weather approaching, I’m daunted by what’s to come. Jackets and scarves pushed to the side. My furs (oh, my furs) brought down to the storage closet in the basement. My boots won’t see the light of day until September, at best. And of course, who could forget how harsh sandals (especially at the onset of the season) could be. The blisters under the sandal straps, the flip flop thong digging into your toe, the constant rubbing on the bare heel of your foot. Summer is just not forgiving.

Luckily, I’m a pretty decent Bingo player and won a little product designed to help these aching feet of mine. Ok, I’ll back up and explain. A good friend of BD hosted a Bingo Birthday Brunch and the prizes were donated from her cousin – moonlighting as an Avon representative. So there we were. One game in and Bingo! I got to select my winnings from that great bag of Avon prizes. I was wearing my gold rhinestone-encrusted sandals that J & I both bought last summer (shout-out to Mandees in Brighton Beach). As much as I love, I could not ignore the patches of rough skin left by these sandals. So I had to put down the eyeshadow palettes and sparkly lip glosses (until a few rounds later) and opt for the tube of Foot Works: Therapeutic Cracked Heel Relief Cream.

I chose my winnings wisely. The cream worked like a charm. It made the bottoms of my feet smooth and tingly so you know it’s working. And the true test was it kept my heels soft even after the lotion dried. I was tempted to throw it in my purse and use it as a hand cream, though I did not, knowing the stares I would get from fellow subway passengers. (Editor’s tip: Works best in conjunction with a Ped Egg). So there you have it. Avon wins again. If only everywhere we go, our skills (and feet) could be rewarded with Avon.

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