CVS Does It To Me More Time (and, a new eyelash growing mascara)

Maybe it’s because Mother’s Day is just a couple weeks away, but I have to say CVS has really been playing its cards right with these sales. According to my trusty Marketeer CVS circular, Revlon and L’Oreal are both buy one, get one 50% off this week. I know C and I have both been eyeing L’Oreal’s Secret No. 1 Magic Pefecting Base after reading some really rave reviews of it around the web (see here), so that’s a no-brainer buy. And speaking of C, she has been wanting that Latisse eyelash grower forever now, and I recently saw that Revlon has its own (I’m assuming milder) version of the stuff, Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara, which claims 96% of women who used it saw longer lashes instantly. I’m skeptical, but for under $10, I think it’s definitely worth a shot before going for the prescription treatment. Annnd, since Revlon is on sale at CVS, I think C AND the rest of you readers should go try it now. And then let me know how it is, since I’m scared of putting things near my eye that claim to do such crazy things. But I will get on that L’Oreal primer asap.


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