Rev-a-lon-tionary Lip Color

Oh, there it is.
In my unending, Zelda-like quest for perfect pink lipsticks, I came across a recommendation on WWWD for Revlon’s new ColorBurst Lipstick in Fuchsia. Bright lipstick colors are definitely on-trend this season, but I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve been a fan of the hot pink lip for a long time – spring, winter, whatever. And here it was being praised for being wearable and deeply pigmented. I was already sold, but after I started to see the ColorBurst line praised on other sites and mags as well, I knew it needed to be a new member of my makeup bag. And, after a couple weeks of searching for stores where it wasn’t sold out or overpriced, I’m happy to report it is mine.

On to the real meaty stuff: the sleek, charcoal gray packaging is weightless and the same goes for the lipstick itself. The stick glides on super easily and isn’t sticky or drying. Kudos to Revlon to living up to its claims! In terms of color, it really is the perfect pop of deep pink, maybe a bit more grown up and dramatic than other magenta hues I own, but in a good way, and one could easily bring this color right through spring and summer and into fall. But the true test was, and is always, the test of time. I had applied the lipstick last weekend before going out and, after a couple hours at a Park Slope bar (which included a beer and several rounds of an impromptu Connect Four tournament), the pink definitely wasn’t as bold as it was at first, but my lips were still noticeably pink- just a lighter, more rosy shade. All in all, I have to go with the masses and recommend this product. So go get it. Done.

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