Eau de Chinatown

Her majesty
This is not, as you may have noticed, a blog about the newest products, per se, or the most expensive, or the most celeb-touted. It is, however, a blog about products that C and I feel strongly about, for better or worse, for prettier or uglier. Which is what brings me to a product that I’ve been using since 2008: Bond No. 9’s Chinatown perfume. It happens to be one of the most pricey products I own, and not because I have money to spend on $200 fragrances in fancy white and pink bottles daintily accented with orchids. Rather, it’s because someone at my office was sent a bottle and she didn’t want it. Bingo.

I know I have written about my favorite scents before- I have sang the praises of Kat Von D’s Sinner and told of nights out spritzed with Gucci by Gucci. In general, I find more sultry and spicy scents that I am drawn to and, thus, own. This doesn’t really work in my favor as there aren’t as many opportunities to wear these come-hither scents unless you’re a. going out seven nights a week or b. an exotic dancer at all hours (in either case, cheers to you). So, the task at hand was to find a light daytime scent that still satisfies a spicier-leaning nose. Enter Bond No. 9 Chinatown.

Now, the fragrance company has a whole line of scents named after NYC hoods, including its recent batch name after the High Line. Chinatown, fortunately, does not capture the scent of its namesake NYC nabe, as it fails to smell like fish and garbage. Instead, it smells like flowers (but not too floral), gardenia and tuberose specifically, with vanilla and patchouli making it the slightest bit woodsy and sweet (but not too spicy, thus avoiding nighttime fragrance territory). I’m assuming the makers were going after an idyllic Chinatown, not the one around Canal Street, as even my mother, who claims most perfumes give her a headache, likes the scent. So, there you have it: the ideal day scent: a people pleaser, but also unique. I’ve had the bottle for well over a year and its still not even half empty with daily use, so the price tag might just be worth it after all. Perhaps I will even restock after I’m all out. Either way, that’s one bottle I’ll be keeping out for display.


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