I Heart My Calvins

The perfect pink? Could it be?
Ladies, if there are only a couple of products that fill your cosmetic bag, please let one of them be lipstick (the other mascara). It’s the quickest product to apply and probably transforms your face most dramatically. Though, as much as I love lipstick, I usually spend entirely too long picking out a new shade. It’s a very long screening process in the cosmetic aisle of Rite Aid. I need to trust the color won’t turn on me and smear all over my mouth when I sip my Dunkin Donuts coffee in the morning or make me look clownish under my office’s harsh fluorescent lights. So I find myself time and time again choosing the same shades and the same brands. Those I know I can trust- Brucci (love), Maybelline, MAC- just to name a few.

And, as a testament to my pretty boring lipstick collection, J always reminds me that I already have that shade of red or something very close to it when we play makeup in Sephora. So I figured, let’s try pink. The nice thing about pink is that it’s suitable for daytime, whereas many reds are just too bold. And we all deserve to feel good at our day jobs when everything around us feels not so good. You know the subway, conference calls, emails, projects, people talking, most technology.

So on my search for the perfect pink I decided to start with Calvin Klein, though not widely known for its cosmetics. I have a red from them I love (of course) called Ruby Red from the brand’s Delicious Luxury Crème Lipstick line, not to be mistaken with MAC’s Russian Red or Maybelline’s Very Cherry. Clearly different colors. J helped me pick out my pink, Mesmerize. The shade is on the rosy side, really suitable for all skin colors. Luxury Creme Lipsticks have the right amount of moisture which helps to make your natural pout look a bit more plump without sliding off your lips. Downside it’s $25 a stick. Upside you’ll love it. Next time you’re in Sephora, which I’m sure will be soon, check out the ck Calvin Klein beauty collection. Even if you don’t fall in love with Mesmerize, I promise you’ll find your shade.

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