I Say Nay to Stay Don’t Stray

You’re lying to me!
Despite the fact that when I hear this product’s name all I can think about the lyrics in the Bic Runga song “Sway,” I have to hand it to Benefit for promising that its new product, Stay Don’t Stray, makes like white on rice to concealer and eye shadow. A bold claim, especially when companies like Nars and Make Up For Ever already make primers with loyal followings and can be used all over the face. But Benefit seems to be pushing this whole around-the-eye angle, so, even though I don’t usually wear shadow during the day, I decided to give it a whirl one morning before work. Because lasting through a computer-staring, eye-rubbing, tear-streaming (just kidding- sort of) workday might just be the true test of long-lasting products everywhere.

Now, Benefit products, I am somewhat mixed about. Some are amazing (High Beam, Benetint), and others, less so (I’m looking at you, California Kissin’ lip shine). So it’s always a gamble. I dotted the foundation-looking cream around my eye and blended it to find it super silky. It even had a somewhat brightening effect just by its lonesome. But now, the true test. I dabbed some trusty Maybelline concealer under my eye and a finger swipe of ELF shimmery brown shadow on my lid. Then I headed out into the world, into a windy day, mind you.

Around noonish, I was in the ladies room and remembered to check my complexion in the mirror (seriously, sometimes I wont even glance up because I don’t even want to see what I look like- is that sad? Oh well). And, what do you know, no eye shadow. Couldn’t tell if the under-eye concealer lasted, but it definitely wasn’t enough to make a noticeable difference. Sort of disappointing, Benefit, I’m not going to lie. I had high hopes. Your Stay Don’t Stray strayed.


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