Wet n’ Mild

It looks so promising, no?
On a recent trip to my new favorite discount cosmetics store, Cosmetic Show, I searched through the discount bins looking for good deals on products I’ve been wanting to try but well, didn’t think was worth the retail price tag. One such product was from the new Wet n’ Wild line, Beauty Benefits. The brand, better known for its sparkly glosses and roll on body glitter, decided to go green. Another one bites the dust. I guess it’s their attempt to be more mature. Well my friends, Wet n’ Wild should stick to what they know.

Firstly, the brand sells its new mineral based foundations for $12. I know, outrageous! This price point is trying to compete with the higher end drugstore brands. Wet n’ Wild I love you, but you’re fighting a battle with NYC Color not L’Oreal. So don’t charge us $12 for foundation. I purchased the mineral veil. It’s a loose finishing powder to set your foundation. The packaging is cute- glass and square shaped. Sadly, the product doesn’t really add anything to your finishing look. My main complaint is it leaves your face glittery. Apparently Wet n’ Wild couldn’t stray too far from glitter. The powder does settle in any lines you might have and shine makes an appearance in about an hour, even though it promises it won’t. If you want a good mineral veil try Bare Minerals. It leaves your face glowing (not sparkly) and actually reduces shine. I’m not plugging Bare Minerals because trust me I’m not a huge fan. But if you’re going to claim you’re a breakthrough in mineral makeup (Wet n’ Wild I’m looking at you) then you need to step it up. I will say that the brand’s Beauty Benefits website is pretty awesome. You could navigate through the site based on your skin tone and it features recommendations for which products/colors will look best on you and even where to buy. Unfortunately, all the recommendations are based on this organic line. Throw in some Wet n’ Wild Mega Eyes Eyeshadow and I’ll go back to being a believer.

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