Look where this guy wound up. This is what happens, people.
So the other night I was washing my hair- no big deal- and a dollop of shampoo got in my eye. Used to this happening (I have long hair, which equals a lot of shampoo flying around), I quickly moved over to the sink to rinse my eye when, after a second or two, my eye started to feel like I had poured HCl in it. After rinsing it out numerous times, I somehow managed to finish a speedy shower, and lo and behold, it was still burning like crazy. For hours. After rinsing probably dozens of times. The rims of my eye were also blood red and painful to touch. When I accounted this story to anyone who would listen to my tale of woe the next morning, they just remarked that I must have sensitive eyes. But I’ve gotten soap, shampoo, sunscreen, makeup, everything really, in my peepers, and have never had an experience like this.

So what was the culprit, you ask? It was THIS. And I googled it online the next morning only to find that someone had had a similar experience and had written about it on the Tresemme site. I wonder how many more people have had this happen? Readers? Anyone find that Tresemme is eye kryptonite? Or have you had that with any other shampoos? As for me, I am throwing that bottle away, and it’s a shame, too, it was one of those huge pump ones and more than half full. Oh well. I have been wanting to try that new-ish Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition line.


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