The Shadow of Truth

A look inspired by Mama Kardashian?
Truth be told, I get beauty inspiration from the celebrity world occasionally. Would I run out and get Kate Gosselin’s haircut, or new hair extensions? Most likely not. But I am open to replicating many makeup looks I see on TV, weekly celebrity mags, monthly fashion mags, celeb blogs (basically, all my interests). One such look belongs to a member of my favorite TV family- the Kardashians. No, not Kim’s voluminous lashes (sadly) or Kourtney’s bronzed cheeks or Khloe’s (ughh ok, drawing a blank). Rather the matriarch of the family herself- Kris Jenner. Not a fan of her personally, but I can’t help but be impressed by how nice her eyes always look in her signature deep blue shadow. Her eyes are very dark (like mine) and the blue shadow makes them pop.

After a Saturday marathon of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I convinced myself I needed that shadow. And of course I knew the brand I had to consult – MAC. This is by far my favorite when it comes to shadows. No other brand is so pigmented and for lack of a better word, intense. I became hooked on MAC when I stocked up for my HS prom (shout out BKHS class of ‘02). And though their skin products have failed me once or twice, I can’t find anyone better for shadows. They have the greatest selection of colors- bright, deep, electrifying, neutral- and really do stay put.

AND needing something from MAC gives me a legit reason to go to my favorite mall in Brooklyn, Kings Plaza- known as KP to J and I. Usually Macy’s in KP has a DJ getting you in the mood to shop (?) on the weekend, however, this past Saturday one could not be found, to my disappointment and to my mom’s relief. Anyways, I was able to overcome my lack-of-techno blues and found the shadow I think is a pretty good match to Kris’. It might even be her actual color. Just saying. The shadow I purchased is Deep Truth. It’s a really rich dark blue. It’s a nice complement for dark eyes but might be too blue for fairer eyes. Kris gets away with wearing it midday (in her kitchen) but I would recommend saving it for nighttime. It could look a little street-walkerish. Unless you work for MAC and then you have a pass to wear all day long. Sighh

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