Brooklyn’s Dollhouse

Consign Connection welcomes you.
Normally, J & I stick to reviewing beauty products: the best hair gels (duh it’s Brooklyn), age-concealing foundations, lightweight moisturizers and red, red nail polish. We leave fashion to the fashion blogs and Page Six. This time, however, we will make the exception for one lucky local consignment shop. It’s a Brooklyn store and we’re allowed to play favorites. Ok?!

A little shop in Bay Ridge called Consign Connection lured L, fellow Brooklynite, and I in with a white fur coat (relax, faux) placed in the window. Well played. The clothes and accessories are awesome- some vintage, some new and very reasonably priced. Louis bags (vintage), Topshop tops (new), big chandelier earrings (who cares, just buy). But the best part, aside from the great finds (which might be further discounted if multiple pieces are purchased), is the owner. She’s a bubbly Italian woman who seems to know all her customers personally- asking how their moms and babies are (again, it’s Brooklyn). Not afraid to risk a sale, she’ll tell you that a piece may not be for you, nor the person trying on a barely-there dress in the fitting room/bathroom (the rest of the store thanks you). Oh and don’t be scared. If the store gets too crowded she might (ok, will) lock its doors. She just wants to give her undivided attention to those already inside shopping – and more importantly, to help me find the perfect bejeweled necklace.

So next time you’re in Bay Ridge, I urge you to check this store out. And if you think you have some pieces in your closet that might be worth some money, go there and consign. Tell her C (her assistant for the day) sent you! Word to the wise: don’t think about touching the window display. It might be your last day on earth.
Consign Connection is open Tuesday through Saturday and is cash only.

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