Pain Reade

This morning, as I was sitting at my desk, scanning the wonderful world wide web, I came across something that stopped me in my bleary-eyed tracks. Readers, it was THIS.

So, you see, Walgreens, a store C and I do love and shop at regularly in BK, is buying the (apparently) debt-laden Duane Reade. Now, Walgreens is great, but Duane Reades hold a place in our hearts, too. For starters, each chain has its own makeup sales with different values on different weeks. Options are always a good thing- one week its buy one get one Revlon at Walgreens, another it’s 50% off Cover Girl at DR. Secondly, didn’t DR just revamp their beauty section? Is that going to become a thing of the past now? DR is such a city staple. It’s like the Empire State Building got sold. Only worse. Honestly, I admit I’m jumping the gun, as Duane Reades will be keeping their names for the time being and maybe we won’t even notice a change, but who knows how long that will last? Next thing you know, CVS will be gone too. And Rite Aid. I can’t even write about this anymore, I’m feeling lightheaded.


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