Save Money, We Dare Ya

We love sharing good deals and beauty finds with our readers. And today is no different. As I walked around my neighborhood at lunch, work hood – not home hood (I wish), I noticed a store called Cosmetic Show. The name alone lured me in. Everything in the store was so inexpensive. Maybelline eye liners for $1. Revlon shadows $2. The minus is the products are old. Not 1970’s old, but at least a year. You won’t find L’Oreal’s True Match Roller there (thank God). But the price of the products are so reasonable you won’t care you might be using a discontinued lip color. Plus, they have so many other beauty products (and random snacks) that it is definitely worth a trip. Sadly, despite their wide range of perfumes and colognes, they did not have my boyfriend’s favorite discontinued cologne by Antonio Banderas, properly named- well, Antonio.

While we’re on the subject of great bargains, let’s bring it back to our own backyard. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn hair salon, Salon Da Noi, announced they will be giving unemployed people free haircuts on Monday, February 8th and 22nd. This is supposed to give people looking for work, who may not be able to afford haircuts (?), an inflated sense of confidence. Not sure how they will know if someone is unemployed or not. I guess that’s why they chose to do it on a Monday afternoon.

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