Avon Skin-So-Wrinklefree

Our life’s calling.
I love winter. I really do. Mainly for the cold weather, hot chocolates, the lack of sweat. And of course, the “it’s just too cold out” excuse to stay inside and watch TV in my pajamas. (Not that I really need an excuse, but we pretend.) Though, as much as I love the winter, the cold weather does a number on my skin. And let’s not forget, with the cold comes hot showers. It’s unthinkable that you could get up 6am for work (ughh) when it’s freezing out and take a cold shower. No! I need to see steam accumulation on my medicine cabinet. Between the cold weather and the hot showers, my skin loses every bit of moisture it once had.

So when a dear friend to Brooklyn Dolls, G, informed J & I that her cousin became the most sacred being one could aspire to be, we were thrilled. Of course I mean an Avon lady. With this skin crisis upon me, I immediately opened the Avon catalogue to the skin care section looking for products that guaranteed flawless, moisturized, and of course, youthful skin. Look no more. I found Solutions Ageless Results, both day and night cream. As the bottle says, it smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes pores, and locks moisture in. Done.

After two weeks of use, the results are in. PM cream works like a charm. I apply it after I wash my face with Avon’s Anew Reversalist Renewal Foaming Cleanser which I love (despite the Froot Loops taste/smell). It’s the perfect amount of moisture- not heavy, not greasy. Makes me all pretty for bed. The am cream is not so pretty. It’s very greasy and oily. My foundation practically drips off my face when I use the am dose. No thanks. Though, I do notice an improvement after regular use of the pm cream. So go get an Avon catalogue today. I hear Mario Lopez’s jeri curl and new fragrance grace the most recent cover. Or search online for a rep near you.


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