Missed the Bull’s Eye

Well, it seemed like a good idea.

This past weekend I visited one of my favorite places. If you know me well enough then you know I mean Target (or Entenmann’s warehouse but this isn’t a doughnut blog). Where else can one buy Totino’s Pizza Rolls and Boots No7 cosmetics? Exactly! For the record, this trip earned me both. Always looking for an excuse to go to Target, I suggested to my boyfriend, E, we go there to stock up on snacks for the party he was throwing. Associated Supermarket down the block? Nah, this party called for Target.

Arriving a little earlier than him (strategically) I found myself in the midst of greatness- Rimmel, Maybelline, Sonia Kashuk, oh my! Looking for brand new products to review for our readers, I couldn’t help but notice L’Oreal’s latest gift- True Match Roller cream-based foundation. Not because it guarantees perfectly-matched color, but because you apply it with a paint roller. Ok, a small applicator inspired by a paint roller. Just as brilliant. The artist in me couldn’t be suppressed any longer as I put the foundation in my cart. And E (who knew in which aisle I could be found) poked fun at the notion of me painting my face, understandably. Fast forward a day later when I had the opportunity to test drive it and well, ehh. The color does blend nicely and smoothly. I chose creamy natural as I typically do for my light-medium skin tone. Though, the main focal point- the brush- is a huge let down. It takes many rolls to actually apply any noticeable amount of product. As the color could only be applied in straight lines, it leaves much room for streaking. Plus, you can’t get to the crevices of your face with the roller- around the eyes and nose. Oh, and I almost rolled away a few bottom lashes. So the actual foundation (if applied with a sponge) works nicely. If you’re buying it just to try the paint roller (like me) then save your money.

Though, thankfully the trip to Target was not a complete failure. The Boots No7 Natural Blush Cheek Color I purchased in Petal is the perfect shade of pink. And the Totino’s Pizza Rolls were a huge hit at the party.


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