American Nailpparel

This is what Coney Island looks like.
So I came across an advertisement today for American Apparel nail polish, and I must say I want me some, despite my normally love/hate relationship with the store. Love, because I’ll admit I do have some pieces from them that I wear constantly (oh hello, leggings and spandex mini dresses), and hate because their stuff is overpriced (I know they’re all about fair practices, which I respect, but basic tees should really cost $10 or less- ask Forever21). BUT the nail polishes are only $6- less than Essie!-and come in some (well, 18) pretty awesome shades like the baby pink Coney Island (holler) and the steely Factory Grey. I wonder if they’re eventually expand into lipsticks and the like? Well, for now, color me intrigued.


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