H2 OH Yes

Anything that evokes thoughts of Mickey Ears is a good thing.
I have naturally coarse hair and am always looking for products that promise hydration- that empty promise so many brands claim they deliver. However, many “hydrating” shampoos and conditioners just weigh my hair down. Not a fan of the limp greasy hair look. It didn’t work for me in seventh grade and I’m pretty sure it won’t now either. So leave it to my good friends at Disney World (thanks Coronado Springs!) to introduce me to H2O+ Bath Aquatics Shampoo and Conditioner last year. If you ever been to Florida in June, you know hair styling is a lost cause. Once you step outside the humidity gets you and a ponytail/bun is your only chance at looking decent. But after trying the H20+ Bath Aquatics I found in my hotel shower, I noticed the humidity didn’t destroy my hairstyle. Ok, by hairstyle I mean high front poof. (Think Snooki from Jersey Shore but not nearly as high). H2O+ made my hair soft and silky- perfect for a night at Pleasure Island. I apologize to the hotel cleaning lady if she is reading this (I’m sure she is), for following her cart and waiting until she went into other people’s rooms before J & I took a generous amount of H2O+ as a souvenir.

And thanks to J for picking up some more bottles of H2O+ Bath Aquatics during her most recent stay at Atlantic City’s Tropicana. Clearly J & I plan our trips around the best hotel giveaways. Reminded of how soft this shampoo made my hair in Disney, I was excited to use it once again (for free) to fight the exact opposite but equally-damaging weather. And as remembered, the shampoo didn’t lose its charm.

It’s been proven – H2O+ provides the exact amount of moisture to combat all weather conditions. And their products never make you look oily, as I mentioned in a previous post. But if you think $15 is too pricey for an 8oz bottle, stop by Coronado Springs or Tropicana and stock up on the samples. Seriously.


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