New Sheriff in Town?

So our loyal readers know how much C and I love our mascaras, especially when they are made by Dior. So imagine our delight upon seeing the new DiorShow Extase Mascara available for preorder on Sephora (but only if you’re a beauty insider, so if you’re not, sign up, and really, you should have been one already). The mascara promises “high-impact lashes in a single stroke” with a brush inspired by “tiered couture dresses.” Hmmm, methinks this sounds like it could be blowing a bit of smoke up my behind, but I’m a sucker as soon as I hear things like 3D volume and 50% bigger lashes. And here we have those lash-extending nylon fibers being used again, which I’d love to be wowed by one of these days. At $28 bucks a pop, it’s no bargain, and some of the reviews on Sephora’s site seem cautionary (spider lashes? yeesh), but I’m willing to give the maker of my beloved DiorShow Iconic the benefit of doubt. Oh and the tube is gold- enough said.

So I’m preordering my mascara, check back for a review here soon. Who’s with me?


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