Sweeter than Candy

Well, well, what have we here?
Sephora you’ve done it again. Kudos to you for making beauty even more accessible than ever before. For those of you traveling this holiday season, you might be lucky enough to see one of the new Sephora vending machines in various airports! Yes, Sephora vending machines. Move over pretzels and animal crackers we have a new player to the game. (Well, don’t go too far we love you too.) Thanks to my boyfriend Edgar (and his trained eye) who passed through DFW in Dallas last night, I saw a picture of this genius machine. Now I know what I want for Christmas- bring me home one! So ladies if you are worried that your foundation or moisturizer might exceed the allowed travel size, stop by a Sephora vending machine once you get past security.

According to Sephora’s own blog, Beauty and the Blog, these machines are new to several participating airports. We learned they were unveiled in early December and will be in a test phase through the spring. Let’s hope this is a success and malls that do not currently house a Sephora will want these machines. Kings Plaza we’re looking at you!

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