Ladies, Highlight This Trick

This can be you, with just one easy step (ok, not really but almost kind of).

Highlighters are not only sold at Staples, and not only used for scanning notes. Thank God. One of my favorite beauty techniques is facial highlighting. It is one of those subtle tricks that really make a difference. You can highlight to accentuate a positive or conceal a not-so-perfect feature (but we don’t know anyone who has any of those shhh). Benefit makes my two favorite highlighter tools, High Beam and Miss Popularity. I love both products equally, but for different reasons.

First, lets start with the positive. I use High Beam along the upper part of my cheekbones. I have naturally high cheekbones (thanks!) and with a little bit of High Beam they really pop. Just a dab of the liquid on the cheeks and the light reflects off the face in a real attention grabbing way. Don’t be scared. The bottle and brush look like nail polish. But it’s not. It’s the right amount of shine and sparkle.

Ok, on to the not-so-perfect feature. In Junior High, when all your features look (lets face it) enormous and misshapen, I noticed my nose didn’t look as slender and button-like as some of the other girls in my class. As I continued into High School I continued complaining to my mom that I didn’t have what in my head was “the perfect nose”. My mom put it this way, “We’re Italian. We have noses. So does Sophia Loren and she’s still gorgeous.” Despite this pep talk (?) I continued to try every contouring trick in every magazine I read. You know- use a shade lighter on the bridge, a few shades darker on the sides. Sounds easy but the application was not so simple, and well, the outcome was not so natural. I was never able to find the right balance of light and dark shading. Until years later I discovered Miss Popularity (sorry, it’s impossible to find online) in my neighborhood mall, Kings Plaza. The product is in loose powder form. All you do is brush the highlighter down the bridge of your nose and it instantly looks slimmer. And you don’t have to go crazy trying darker shades on the sides. Just leave it all to this little bottle. Trust me.

And thankfully, at 25 years old, I’m less bothered by this one particular feature. After all, your face has lots of features you can accentuate. Don’t get stuck on the one that may be not-so-perfect.


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