LashBlast Not Really a Blast

We could have gone places, LashBlast.
When C went on a recent jaunt to Texas, she brought me back some souvenirs. One, perhaps fittingly, was a cowboy hat and the other, perhaps even more fittingly, was Cover Girl’s new LashBlast Length mascara. In a Walmart bag! Oh, how I miss the days of college trips to Walmart and buying $5 hoodies. Sigh. Anyway, perhaps you’ve seen Drew Barrymore wearing LashBlast Length in Cover Girl commercials, claiming it lengthens her lashes some crazy amount. You see, the masacara supposedly contains nylon fibers that grip on to each lash, extends them, and all the time remains clump-free. This sounds familiar. Ah yes, it reminds me of a similar promise that Fiberwig mascara made to me when I bought it a couple years ago, as it too was supposed to lenghten my lashes with tiny fiber extensions. That one didn’t really do anything special other than irritate my eyes, but I was willing to give Cover Girl a try. Forgive and forget.
After wearing the mascara, which comes in a tube that is apparently trying to go undercover as a yellow highlighter, for a few days, I can say I have mixed feelings about it. My lashes did lengthen a bit without the typical clumps, but otherwise nothing really dramatic happened. There really was no volumizing going on and I definitely would still need an eyelash curler to really make my eyes pop. But, after all, the mascara was supposed to mainly lengthen, which I guess it did. Still, being someone who avoids eyelash curlers like I avoid empty train cars during rush hour (read: homeless person living inside), this isn’t the mascara for me. But kudos to Cover Girl for creating a wallet-friendly nylon-fiber mascara that doesn’t make my eyes itch. I guess that is something.

One thought on “LashBlast Not Really a Blast

  1. if you're concerned about your eyes itching, i have another eyelash product for you to try: it's called Lashem, and–unlike the other eyelash-growth products on the market–it doesn't contain that scary glaucoma drug and therefore poses little risk of irritation. my eyes are sensitive, but so far there's been no itching or redness. and it's working! P.S.- i currently live in chelsea, but i'm a native brooklynite, too! grew up in bensonhurst…


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