This Gloss is Boss

I’d been eyeing YSL’s Gloss Volupte after reading about its sheer color and easy application, but at $30 for a tiny stick (though a very cute, gold one at that), I put the idea of buying it on the backburner, a place I also like to put thoughts like going to the gym or learning a new language. So anyway, lucky for me, my birthday rolled around and I received several Sephora gift cards- clearly my friends and family know what’s up (even brother M, so thanks everyone). One of the the first things I bought was the Gloss Volupte and I brought C with me to help decide between the magenta Chilled Raspberry and the bold Frozen Cherry. Knowing my love for anything pink on my lips, C decided I should go with the raspberry shade and I’m glad I did.

People, the gloss is just as magical as I had hoped. The bright fuschia glides on easily, making my lips moist and soft, and the color melts into a wash of berry. And the richness of the pink develops as more layers are applied. It has a bit more drama than my all-time-favorite lip gloss, Dior Addict Lip Glow, but it’s definitely suitable for work or play. And it smells wonderful. Really. I know when the term scented lip gloss is thrown around, visions of Bonne Bell Lipsmackers comes to mind. Though those will always hold a special place in my heart, that’s not the flavor or scent I want from a $30 gloss. But no matter- this gloss has a pleasant, mellow melon scent and no taste. My only complaint aside from the tiny size would be that it doesn’t last too long, but that’s ok. I’m sure by the time I run out of it, there will be some new product I can’t live without. That being said, you know what to get me for my birthday next year.


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