Spike Me

Products can get boring. The same mascara wand. The same blush powder. We’ve heard that story before. Of course cosmetic companies feel the pressure to put a spin on classic beauty products and get women excited. Well, good work, I’m excited. For example, last year J & I took notice to a new Givenchy mascara. The applicator was like nothing we’ve seen before: the tip was a little spike ball. Okay, I’m exaggerating – not actual spikes. The mascara is called Phenomen’ Eyes and it’s truly fabulous. J got it for me for my birthday. The bristles are in a condensed ball, so you end up applying the mascara to each individual lash and the ball picks up any hidden lashes. And it doesn’t hurt, so don’t be scared. Your lashes do look longer and more voluminous – almost fake. (Though, not like the lashes gracing mascara ads that are actually fake- we’re on to you.)

And thank you to L’Oreal for following Givenchy’s lead and producing a product with similar technology for a smaller price tag. A few months ago, L’Oreal released Telescopic Explosion Mascara. The bottle is a little hokey, as it’s shaped like a telescope, but even so I wanted to try and see how a $9 mascara would compare to one triple its price. And Telescopic Explosion gives Phenomen’ Eyes a run for it’s money. The wand is a little weak (it feels like it might break), but the ball works wonders- producing similar results to its more-pricey counterpart. No lash is left behind. My mom thought I was wearing fake lashes. So obviously it did its job. In the end, I love the ball applicator. Try L’Oreal first and if you feel comfortable applying mascara with a ball-like wand, then ask someone for a Givenchy birthday gift.


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