I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. Oh, It Is.

J, I heard your plea re: facial moisturizer. You know me too well. I do love H2O’s Face Oasis Plus Hydrating Fluid with SPF 15. I got it as a free gift at some party (and yes, cosmetic companies, we’ll review if you send) and have been purchasing ever since. It is great for the harsh NYC winters when your face feels like it will crack off as you wait (sadly) on the subway platform and walking a mere few blocks could be a sport in the Winter Olympics. Your skin will thank you for the hydration by lessening the appearance of fine lines (thanks, forehead) and keeping your skin soft. And you don’t have to apply that much to get visible results. It’s oil-free and has never caused me to breakout- though many products do. My only grief with the moisturizer is the price tag at $38.00. I suggest keeping this miracle bottle around, but not using everyday. Save it for those especially dry days, extremely cold mornings or when you have somewhere fun to go (meaning don’t waste going to your office).

For a less expensive (never say cheap) alternative, try Cocoa Butter. For real. A few winters ago, I was plagued by extremely irritable dry skin and my Rite Aid pharmacist in Bensonhurst (shout out) suggested Cocoa Butter. Not only did the dryness and redness go away in a few days, but my skin looked healthier and softer. Just remember to look for Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E- Palmer’s makes a great one (even in a stick form), as does Queen Helene. People tend to get nervous with Cocoa Butter because it’s so thick, but just use a dab and rub it in all over your face. It shouldn’t cause breakouts – if anything the Vitamin E helps heal marks you might have from previous blemishes. And it prevents, as well as reduces, fine lines and wrinkles. Plus it smells delicious. What more do you want.


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