Simply Disappointing

I love pizza and chocolate ice cream. Apart delicious. Mixed together. Ehh. That’s my reaction to Cover Girl and Olay’s latest union called Simply Ageless Foundation. Olay has my heart for its Complete All Day Moisture Lotion For Sensitive Skin with SPF 15. And Cover Girl, well, their blush line called Cheekers is awesome. But the duo’s Simply Ageless cream-based foundation misses the mark. The foundation’s claim to fame is its blend or swirl of Olay’s Regenerist Serum. Lets not forget, Regenerist is praised by every beauty editor and dermatologist alike. So when I was in Texas with my boyfriend, I noticed upon our many Super Walmart trips (sorry Edgar), that the foundation was $2 cheaper there. Of course I had to buy (along with numerous other products). Firstly, the packaging is a joke. It should come with instructions. I admit I had to take a step back and examine it- before my third attempt to open. The bottom part holding the sponge flips open. The top containing the cream has to be twisted off like a jar. Make up your mind little product. Compact or jar? Also, it does not have a mirror. That’s fine with liquid. But any product in compact-like form needs a mirror.

Despite the ill packaging I decided to continue my trial. I prepped my face with my Olay Complete All Day Lotion like I do every morning. Let it sit for a few minutes to seep into the pores and to prevent it from mingling with the color. I applied Simply Ageless and immediately didn’t like. (I also tried the foundation without applying moisturizer first and same results.) It came on so heavy and flakey. Sunk into every line. The label said creamy natural but was more of a pale nude. Thick and way too light. Ooh, thanks but no thanks. (Tip: if you do try, go a shade or two darker than you normally would.) I wore it all day and avoided any fluorescents. It claims to improve the look of your skin in just four weeks. I’d rather not wait that long. Buy Regenerist in its pure form. Please. And Sorry Ellen, I like the ads, but there was major airbrushing going on. And and at $15, it’s pretty pricey for Cover Girl. Though my favorite foundation, Hello, Flawless! by Benefit, runs $35 a pop (but worth it).

Unfortunately, most cream-based foundations tend to produce the same results over and over. Dulls the skin, emphasizes lines, comes on way too strong and is hard to match to your natural skin tone. These foundations are best used for spot cover up. The heavy texture does a good job covering a few blemishes. Covering the entire face? Don’t push your luck.


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