Why, You Minx

Pardon my ignorance dear faithful readers, but I just spotted my first minx today. Confused? So was I. I was sitting at lunch earlier and a work associate walked in with the shiniest silvery nails I’ve ever seen. Polish? Press ons? What was it? It looked like something out of the future. As she talked my focus was completely on her hand movement and I had to ask. What is on your nails? Proudly she told me it’s called Minx. I was obviously intrigued, while part of me was disappointed that I wasn’t aware such a product existed. (Discovering products is my thing, thanks.) I pushed my ego to the side and let her explain. Basically it’s a film or a foil that is placed and shaped on your nails. Finish off with a shiny top coat and voila. May sound easy but leave it to the professionals. Reynolds Wrap probably won’t do the trick.

Not only can you do shiny silver, but you can choose various patterns and designs. So if leopard on your scarf isn’t enough, get Minx.


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