A Tip of the Hair

Yesterday I was getting a much needed haircut (shout out to Cappella Salon in Sheepshead Bay) and my stylist, upon eyeing some hair breakage, asked me a simple question: Do you towel dry? Now, I had read in a magazine years ago that towel-drying was a big NO, so I’d since stopped doing the upside-down ring-out, but continued to still squeeze the water out and give it a quick tousle. No big deal, right?

Wrong. Well, many of you may already know this and thus be rolling your eyes at me right now, BUT for those of you that weren’t aware (me, pre-12:30 pm yesterday), ANY sort of tousling and/or rubbing of a terrycloth towel on hair will create breakage and lead to more knots, an issue I deal with frequently (it took the woman who washed my hair a healthy dose of Lanza Healing Trauma Treatment and a good 10 minutes to untangle them with a comb). And said damage to the hair follicle can’t be undone; it has to grow out. So, my readers, unless you have super-strength hair, stop the towel-drying of any sort, even the mild variety.



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