F21 Goes the Way of the Gloss

Let me start this by saying that I am a Forever 21 fan and have been for many years. Where else can you pick up a sequin tube dress and studded sandals (that C and I both own, thank you very much) for under $50 total. Exactly. But, that being said, we are also talking about a sequin dress that likely will begin to lose said sequins after one or two wears and studded sandals that don’t quite fit in the size 7 or the 8.

So you can understand why, when I saw Forever 21 was releasing its own makeup line, I was both excited and nervous. After all, this is a store that is known for its lower quality, which is fine in a neon shirt to wear a few times, but something I’m rubbing on my face? I’m a bit more skeptical. Granted, C and I are Wet N’ Wild fans, so clearly I am willing to give this a chance too. The line, somewhat uncreatively-named love & beauty, launched today, and while I know F21 has sold makeup in its stores before (hey, the sparkly heart-shaped lip gloss was a dollar at the counter), this is its first big roll-out. The line includes glosses, pencils, polishes, applicators, shadows, candles, and some tools and cases. There is also a number of L.A. Colors products, which is sort of confusing, but ok. And, in true F21 style, most of it is under $5. The polishes, which I have seen before in the store, look pretty sweet, especially this color.

So sure, I will try the glosses and shadows (tools- I am not quite so sure), but my expectations are tempered. Check back in the coming weeks for C’s or my review. And in the meantime, they’re offering 10% off til November 14 on love & beauty purchases if you enter makeup10 at checkout on forever21.com.


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