The Hair Up There

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I have somewhat unruly, long, thick, wavy hair. The waves, I suppose, must be quite heavy because after walking out of my house, the top falls flat, creating a teepee effect, with loose waves below my ears and, well, nothing on top. Flatness. To combat said flatness, I’ve tried my fair share of volumizers and root boosters that promise to promote even waves ALL OVER, fight flatness, all that. Many would work for an hour or so, then die, while others would do nothing except create even more knots than I already had. And certain root boosters, and I won’t name names, just made my hair greasy and unwashed-looking. Which, if it’s what I desired, I could just save money and not wash my hair at all. No thanks. Even sea-salt sprays, which I do like, made my locks dry and crunchy. Nothing really worked.

That is, until I came across L’oreal Vive Pro Glossy Style Glossy Volume Hair Mousse in Strong Hold. Just one huge dollop in damp hair and it makes my hair ridiculously huge for hours, especially if I tie it into a messy bun just after applying- take it down and BAM, big hair. Clearly this isn’t a look for everyone’s taste, and yes, it can be a bit too much for work (for my hair, atleast), but for a night out I am yet to come across a volumizer that doesn’t weigh my hair down more than it already is and still maintains waves. Because I, like C, truly have a soft spot for big hair. As they say, you can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but you can’t take Brooklyn out of the girl (though I’m not sure why you’d take the girl out of BK anyway).


One thought on “The Hair Up There

  1. Jillybean… JUST FOUND THIS (it's Jess)… Wtf, how did I not know of this before. Having said that, I LIVE FOR BIG HAIR and will now abs try this. It may look better than just pinning random chunks of my hair in awkward places in an attempt to create “volume”. XOX


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