Hmm by Dream I Think You Mean Nightmare

Let me begin by saying I tip my hat to Maybelline for its innovation on a staple cosmetic item- foundation. The iconic brand was one of the first to develop products in the mousse texture under the Dream Matte Mousse line. Many brands since have come up with their own version of this air-whipped foundation. Whether or not you’re a fan, imitation is the highest form of flattery. So with a break through formula and with the word “Dream” in its name you would assume this product would be pretty awesome. Quite the contrary. Being an avid Maybelline lover (as a devout fan of our blog you already know this) and wanting to try anything the brand lends its name to, I was excited for Dream Mousse when it launched in 2006. But I feel my experience with the product could not go untold. Firstly, the smell is blah. Shall we say the scent of a dusty old library book? I will admit, despite its odor, it goes on smoothly and provides adequate coverage. Lets be honest that’s what we hope for in any foundation- minus the smell.

If strike one is the smell then strike two is definitely its drying effects. After a few minutes the foundation becomes extremely dry and itchy. I found myself scratching my face off. Not lovely. As it dries it accentuates any lines or imperfections you might have. The mousse seeps into your pores and once again accentuates. After a few days of usage my skin was actually flaking off. And there it was. Strike three- the pimple. As if the drying wasn’t enough, it made me breakout. I had to be done with it. I knew I could (and did) find a product that would provide coverage without the skin irritating effects of Dream Mousse. (Sidenote: Maybelline managed to redeem itself this year with the Dream Liquid Mousse. Love. Makes your skin look healthy not dry. And J loves the Dream Mousse Blush.)

In the end I cannot say that all whipped foundations are not worth trying. Right now I can only speak for Maybelline. My next test is Cover Girl’s Tru Blend Whipped Foundation. I’m a huge fan of Tru Blend Liquid, but as we learned from Maybelline, that doesn’t mean much.


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