Duane Reade Steps It Up

So it looks like Duane Reade is trying to step foot in Sephora territory by opening a new two-level store that stocks higher-priced brands like Two Faced and Pop Beauty. There will also be “makeover chairs,” but methinks this sounds kind of intense for a pharmacy, where let’s be real, one should find the likes of Wet N’ Wild and Cover Girl. Everyone knows where to get their drugstore makeup and where to play with the fancier toys- Sephora, department stores, etc. Target has been trying to play this game, too, with their Jemma Kidd and Napoleon Perdis lines, and that really was enough for me. Now Duane Reade? What’s next? Rite Aid (gasp, it better not be). Know your place, make-up suppliers.

So, not sure how I feel about this snobbier DR, or if it’ll be successful in a city where Sephoras are pretty easy to come by, but I’ll have to see it for myself before I make a final call. Because obviously I am the one who makes final calls on these sorts of things.

Read more here.

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