Convertible Color Made Me a Convert

I normally dislike any kind of makeup product that requires me to dip my finger into a pot and apply to my cheeks and mouth, only to do so again later- I can almost see the germs and dirt building up. And by almost I mean sometimes you can actually see dirt particles. But when I saw Stila’s Convertible Color awhile ago, I had a flashback to high school when I loved the Peony color more than anything (and the thought of using the same color pot on my eyes and cheeks didn’t gross me out as much). It gave me subtle color that wasn’t too peach or too bronze that, despite the glow it lent me, surely went unnoticed in the halls of my math and science school. But that was to be expected. Anyway, there in Sephora, nostalgia won, so I went for it– only this time in the very bright, but not too loud, Fuchsia.

And I’m glad I did. The bold shade isn’t sticky or greasy and blends easily onto my cheeks for the slightest pop of color. A quick blot on my lips does the same, and adds a lovely pink tint that is definitely (and thankfully) not as bright as the color appears in its slim case. I do have to wipe the makeup down every so often to keep it looking clean, but I have to say this convertible color has really been great in a pinch. Instead of carrying around lipsticks and blushes (which, ok, sure I still might carry a couple other lip colors in my bag), it’s quite the one-stop-shop when I need to look more awake or more pizazzy asap. Once I use up this little guy, I might even go back for the Peony.


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