Great Lash Always a Winner

You know the old saying “bigger is better”. And that is definitely true for some things; hair, TVs, lips, houses, diamonds(!!!), purses and of course the obvious (I won’t say it but wink). So it makes sense that most women want and need bigger lashes. We want longer, thicker, more voluminous lashes. Lashes that make us look doe-eyed. Of course you could experiment with fake lashes or individual falsies but lets be honest, unless it’s Halloween or your face is gracing the cover (or inside) of a magazine we chuckle at the sight of falsies. So if you’re like the millions of women seeking bigger lashes, but don’t want to go the way of the glue, I have a few words for you. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (in very black). J mentioned in one of our earlier posts that I love and pay homage to Great Lash Mascara. It’s true. Every time I buy the pink and green bottle it feels like Christmas morning. Ripping the packaging off. Pulling out my lash curler because they make the perfect duo. I have yet to find mascara I love as much- especially at drug store prices. (Though I do love Dior Show Iconic but that’s when I feel like splurging.)

So as I was flipping through one of my monthly mags- I want to say Glamour though that’s not really the point- I saw an ad for new Great Lash BIG Mascara. Still in the recognizable pink and green packaging. I immediately wanted to know more. Why is there a new version of this mascara? It’s already perfect I screamed in my head (while there were children sitting on the train beside me actually screaming). My lashes already look amazing when I use the classic version. (Keep in mind I don’t have naturally thick lashes. They’re pretty much invisible without Great Lash’s help. ) This is crazy I thought to myself. Please don’t let them discontinue the original mascara. It would be like Oprah taking on a co-host thinking it would improve the quality of the show. Changes are unnecessary when things are already perfect. I wanted the ad to tell me more. Please explain why this new mascara will give me even bigger lashes. Immediately I gchatted J when I arrived at my cell (excuse me I mean cubicle) and told her the news. She could tell in my voice (type) I was nervous. I knew what I had to do.

As soon as I got back to Brooklyn and made it off that train I popped into my Local Rite Aid. I know the cosmetic aisle like I know the TLC Sunday night lineup. There it was. Taunting me. The Great Lash BIG Mascara I had to buy. I still couldn’t imagine it being better than the classic one I’ve been using since age 12. When I opened it up at home the first thing I noticed was the wand (I refer to it as a wand because it’s pure magic). Psshh this wand had to be a mistake. The wand is the best part of the original for its sturdy bristles and ability to maneuver around the eye easily. This new wand was thick and curved and wider- clunky looking almost. Selfishly I wanted it to fail. Though, surprisingly, it did not. The curved wand elongated my lashes and even made some teeny ones noticeable. And the thickness of the bristles fanned out my lashes. My eyes looked wider and dramatic after application. Mission accomplished for Maybelline. The upside is I still get to buy the pink and green bottle. I guess I just have to get used to buying mascara that says BIG on it.


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