The Nails Have It

I love the drama dark nails bring. I totally get the appeal, I do, but at the end of the day, there are two reasons why I will always return to pale shades. One, it’s nearly impossible to notice chipping, meaning that yesterday’s manicure will go the distance, and two, my nails grow at a weirdly alarming rate and, let’s face it, dark polish on long nails is trashy. Very Brooklyn, but not in the good way. Even if my nails are short when I get them all done up in Essie’s Wicked (my favorite, pretty much everyone else’s too), within a few days they look more Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny than Jessica Stam in Vogue. Not ideal.

So which shade to choose? It’s virtually impossible to pick one staring at the endless array of colors when each one looks like its neighbor. Perhaps this one is pinker, maybe this one a bit more beige? Annoying. On my pale hands, I’ve found the ever-popular Essie Mademoiselle too pink, Ballet Slippers too dull, Like Linen too sheer (I loved the slight glisten of French Francs, but it was discontinued- thanks for nothing, Essie). My current pick? Duri nail polish in Da Vinci Rose. It’s not too pink, not too peach, and has the perfect amount of sheerness. Dare I say it makes my hands look elegant. One coat is all you’ll need (and also makes the manicure even more chip-resistant) and it’ll last a week or more. Shout out to Brighton Beauty Supply, which carries the full Duri line, a brand that can be tricky to find elsewhere. Brooklyn nail salons often have it, but it’s less popular in NYC spots. So I bought my own to carry with me. It’ll never go out of style folks, so go get a bottle. Done.


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