The Pinup Never Grows Old

Naming just one beauty icon is pretty much impossible for me. But naming my iconic beauty look is less of a challenge. I’m someone who loves vintage anything- jackets, dresses, jewelry, purses, shoes (stop, I clean and air them out so relax). The character that comes along with a vintage article is priceless. My favorite wardrobe piece is a brown leather jacket I found in a second hand shop in Virginia. I like to think it was once owned by a woman who rocked out in her 20s and now is in her 40s sitting home watching her fave TV shows while enjoying a nice cup of McDonald’s coffee (a girl can dream can’t she). Some label me an old soul for my deep appreciation of the Golden Girls, old movies usually set in the 1930s, Florida retirement communities and high and proud hair. And yes many of my prized possessions, fashion and beauty alike, come right from the closet of my grandmother, who at 85 will still order 15 lipsticks in shades of red from the Home Shopping Network just because they’re good to have.

So it is no shock to anyone that my most adored, admired and beloved beauty look is a timeless one. One that classy ladies such as Bridgette Bardot, Betty Grable, Jean Harlow, Betty Paige and Marilyn Monroe perfected in the 1940s and 50s. One that women today mimic. When I think classic beauty, I think the pinup. Luckily (phew) the pinup look has never gone out of style. There have been many iterations of this look throughout the years. The pinup whose body is decorated in tattoos but manages to remain sexy and elegant is a modern day interpretation. J and I both adore, especially as we walk the Coney Island boardwalk in the summer.

The pinup will forever be known for some sexy beauty features- bold red lips, black liquid liner, milky even-toned skin and wavy hair (usually dramatic black or bleached blonde). The desire to achieve this hair is selling lots and lots of hot rollers as we speak. Scarlett Johansson and Dita Von Teese, for example, have been appointed today’s modern day pinups for their fuller figures (though still probably under a size 6), delicate facial features, bold lips and defined eyes. Scarlett’s beauty in my opinion is classic and flawless, though I cannot say the same for her acting and newly acquired singing abilities.

I know what you’re thinking. So how do I become this sexy pinup? To achieve this look you need some essentials in your makeup closet. Go out and treat yourself to a bold red lipstick. MAC’s Russian Red is fabulous and so is Maybelline’s New Color Sensation Lipcolor in Very Cherry. Oh and if you already wear eyeliner, all I have to say is more black eyeliner!! Pick up Prestige’s liquid liner. The applicator allows you to draw a precision- perfect line. Apply to the top of the eye and wing out. Don’t be modest. Go thick! Use neutral eyeshadows. Let the lips be the main focal point. Sorry Hollywood tans- porcelain skin is a staple to this look. Try a coral-colored blush, such as Benefit’s Coralista, to add just a bit of color to the cheeks. And finally the brow has to be perfectly arched and shaped. Ladies don’t be ashamed if you have a slightly thicker brow (I said slightly). But if you have thinner eyebrows, put the brow pencil down! Instead opt for an eyeshadow that closely matches your hair color and use to fill in the brow. This will enhance the brow and define the eye without looking well, scary.

Good work pinup! You’re ready for the camera.


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